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Laurie McRobert, responding to Dean Pignon, wrote:

>Whilst I can understand analogies to do with electronic impulses and
>computers/brains, wouldn't it be necessary to set up a wet machine to
>truly simulate the human brain--an artificial brain based on chemical
>reactions and resulting bioelectrical impulses?  Is there research being
>conducted on such wet models?  If such a large scale wet-computer is
>imaginable, how would one go about making one?

     And remember too, wet is not enough.  There are gaseous
neurotransmitters involved in LTP (arachodonic acid, CO2, Nitric, etc.)
that help to dispell the linearity of the system.  Protein based circuits
(wetware) aren't enough. 

     Which brings up:  At this point, are there any true digital chaotic
systems, or just good replicas?



[Normally we don't post messages without the author's full name, but this
refinement of McRobert's question seems timely and important to our human
simulation thread--I asked 'rick' for his or her identity via an e-mail
return message, but have not received a reply to date.  Searching the WWW
turned up a likely source:  Dr.  Roger Rick, M.D., Ph.D., Department of
Physiology and Biophysics, University of Alabama Birmingham, USA.  Dr. 
Rick's e-mail address is listed as <rrick@uab.edu>.  Best, Tom Sherman,
moderator, FleshFactor Net-Symposium]

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