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Rick Nance, a practitioner of Acousmatic Composition, [not Dr. Roger Rick
as we suspected] had written the following to complement Laurie McRobert's
question about strategies for building an artificial brain:

    "And remember too, wet is not enough.  There are gaseous
neurotransmitters involved in LTP (arachodonic acid, CO2, Nitric, etc.)
that help to dispell the linearity of the system.  Protein based circuits
(wetware) aren't enough.
     Which brings up:  At this point, are there any true digital chaotic
systems, or just good replicas?"

To the above we have the following reply:
All this talk about chaotic systems makes me nervous.  Surely it is clear
that all we are talking about are systems which are unpredictable. If it
can't be measured, predicted or made useful in some way it's chaotic. As
soon as a "chaotic" system (the human brain for instance) can be
understood -- in the form of a computer model or similar -- it will become
predictable and therefore no longer chaotic. 

What we are really talking about is simply science as a measuring and
predicting instrument - a product of the human brain. It's lots of fun and
a good scam for getting research grants but it's all a bit solipsistic. 

 Robert Adrian


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