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10 July, CAEN (Normandy - France)

This discussion began some months ago with a scientific event: the cloning
of Dolly. Now, I would like to call attention to another event, the
landing on the planet Mars of a little robot coming from Earth. 
Scientists are happy because no mechanical failures prevent the pictures
and the information to travel from Mars to Earth. One scientist said TV:
"It's the most beautiful stone field [an] archaeologist could hope to
analyse today". The pictures and the information coming from the robot are
modelling our synapses now. Some imaginative pictures are dissolved and a
new foundation is now present in our visual area. That means that while
some scientists are trying to understand our brain functionment, the
collaboration of Men/Maschine is remodelling some brain connections. If we
would make PET pictures from the same individual before and after the
landing perhaps we could see that the word "MARS" did not activate the
same brain areas...... 

"In some systems more than in others, the synaptic forces can change
during all the life, showing the numerous experiences lived by the
organism. Throughout, the form of neural circuits form is always changing.  It's
not modelling by the fist experience but also by the forthcoming
experiences."  (Neurology Professor Antonio Damasio University of Iowa) 

Isabelle Chemin   <dsm@synergia.fr>

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