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I have been passively participating in this conference from its beginning.
Recently the technical conversation about how to create/simulate a
brain/human machine has left me exhausted. While most of what is being
discussed is going right over my head, I am struck by the lack of
reflexivity in this kind of research. Bob Birge asserts that we are
machines, and we can make more machines like us with personalities and
souls. The only question that remains, he says, is WHEN this will be
accomplished. But the question pumping through my flesh is: WHY!

Why are these scientists pursuing this kind of research? Perhaps it only
reflects their own idea of what it is to be human. But their work has
serious implications for all of us, and this is where they lack
reflexivity. They may be making themselves, but what about the rest of us?

Sheryl Shore, July 15, 1997


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