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Tom Sherman wrote:
>I wouldn't expect all this with the flick of a switch.  This kind of a
>relationship with a machine would have to be constructed or earned.  I
>would have to invest in this relationship, to share with the machine, to
>earn the machine's respect and trust.  Maybe this won't ever be possible
>with just any machine.  Maybe it will depend on something akin to


Machines are just machines ... they make coffee, tell the time, do
tedious calculations, answer the phone, wash the clothes. When a
machine like that gets old or broken you just throw it away and buy
a new one ... it's cheaper than getting it fixed and it was probably
obsolete anyway. That's what makes consumer-capitalism work.

Machines make the machines but the people have to fix them ... and
people are inventive and flexible but expensive, inefficient and
unreliable. You used to be able to throw people away when they got
old and broken but sentimental socialism put a stop to that ... now
we have the machines and no longer any need for sentimental

Machines are our slaves ... modern slavery. Slave-owning cultures --
cultures which are dependent on slave labour -- are different than
cultures that can live without slaves. One of the characteristics of
slave-ownership is the subliminal guilt imbedded in the master/
slave relationship and the need of the master to be somehow loved
and needed by his or her slave. Tom wants to be loved by his
computer -- to be trusted and respected. He wants it to work its
little ass off and then curl up on his lap and purr when the chores
are done.

Not cuddly 'nuff huh? ... get yourself a cat!

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