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FleshFactor: ...and Concubines and other Humunculi

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Slavery results, in part, from a lack of awareness of the greater
pleasures, moralities, and efficiencies in collaboration, which requires a
faith in a shared social organism--and the invention of a variety of
social protocols which decenter and externalize intelligence. 

(See "Distributed Wisdom," which was written before this titillating
re-appearance of the "Humunculus slave" washed over it.)

It's always easier to compare computers to cute idols, gods, and humunculi,
than it is to consider nature and technology as fields of overlapping
processes. Put in perspective computers are an entire industry constituting
many people, ideas, software, and ideologies. Today computers are more like
webs than discrete objects. Like art objects they are nothing without a
living context to activate, witness, and interpret them.

For instance, the true slaves, the "untouchables," are the people at the
end of the industrial food chain who mine the ores and refine the crude oil
of which the hardware is made. The mid-caste workers are the hoards of web
designers translating the sound, print and architectural worlds into
cyberspace. The "brahmins" are the investors and entrepreneurs who lunge at
phantom products (humunculi, one and all) hoping to capture the fancy of
all the workers who seek to escape from their social context through the
good will of the great humunculi-prostitutes of consumer culture.


Perhaps we cannot escape "humunculi" analysis due to:

* projection of our own image into everything that moves.

* a biological tendency to think in whole groupings. Cognitive
psychologists used to call this "clumping."

* it's easier and more fun than systems thinking.

* since it's easier and more fun, humunculi-analysis is more user-friendly
than systems thinking, and what induces a reaction is more effective
communication in the long run. That is if other people like our metaphors
then we'll use them again, whether or not systems metaphors might be more
resonant with other inputs.

* by invoking humunculi, we activate our own social organism right here in
FleshFactor. All ancient cultures did it. We're doing it. And we're still
as blind as bats -and that's no small humunculi.

--Ebon Fisher


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