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i also think there is still something to say on <the relationship> one
tries to elaborate with <the computer>.

first, i will have to split <the computer> up into two different parts:
1...the working computer
2...the server

as to number one, i don't care what computer i am working on, it's usually
10 different ones as i always switch places. i would never want to work on
only one working machine, as i would feel followed by some pseudo-helping
hand.  working on 10 machines to me is like enjoying 10 different homes
and lovers...one has a nice screen, the other one only pisses you off but
somewhat you like it and the other one is just plain techno-sex...  but i
don't get into any kind of real relationships with them...i won't store my
data on their harddiscs and we are just using one another. 

as to number 2, the server type, thats a whole different story.  my server
is my baby, and i watch it grow, evolve and getting richer every day. i
open a telnet to his data and my heart fills with joy. 

and when i am lone at night, and there is no-one to talk to, or even more,
no way to be able to talk to a human, i again open a connection and get
into deep psycho-praying sessions with


liz vlx <vlx@[]>

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