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On Wed, 23 Jul 1997 01:37:37 +0000 mark sottilaro wrote:

>The change that has taken place is in an individual's ability to actualize
>his or her vision without the intervention of other humans.

Hmmm...maybe the next great change will be to replace the audience with
computers.  Imagine, no intervention of humans at all.  Why you (the
artist) could even program the audience's reaction if you like.  Just
think, rapt attention throughout the entire performance, no coughing, no
sneezing, no talking, and then twenty minutes of applause at the
appropriate time.

Of course, the next logical change after this would be to replace the
artist with a computer.  Remember, in this techno-driven vision, no one is

>When I tell it to be a 16-track audio recorder, it does.  When I tell it
>to capture some video and play it backwards, it does.  When I tell it to
>get in touch with my pals, it does.  If it suggested that I might want to
>write a short story, instead of collaging some images together, I'd smack
>it.  I've already got professors and employers for that kind of thing.  I
>like the relationship I have with my computer.  I am its god. 

Mark, it seems you've got your money's worth out of your little electronic
friend.  Not only does it do most everything you ask of it, it has also
elevated your self-esteem to a Supreme level.  However, I think your claim
of deification would be a lot more valid if you actually created your
computer and could keep it from crashing.


L.H. Grant  <lhgrant@nccn.net>

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