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Intelligence Augmentation

The goal of Artificial Intelligence research (AI) is to produce machines
that demonstrate human-level intelligence. In contrast, Intelligence
Augmentation research (IA) aims to produce combined forms of human and
machine that surpass human intelligence. Specifically, by complementing
the human mind with tightly integrated machines, many problems and
limitations of human intelligence can be overcome. 

This talk* will discuss IA prototypes currently being developed at the MIT
Media Laboratory. The goal of these projects is to research in what ways
humans and machines can be complementary and how we can build "prosthetics
for the mind" that are easy to use and offer substantial value. 

Specifically, I will paint a vision of the Next Generation of Personal
Computer, with the focus on "personal."  This computer will know your
habits, your likes, your dislikes and will be able, through the use of
software agents (programs which offer ways to augment your perceptual and
cognitive limitations), to take an active role in one's day to day actions
and problem solving.  For example, these agents can act as an augmented
memory, helping a person remember things. They can also be used as
additional eyes and ears that help a person keep track of many tasks at
once. Finally, they are often used as a way to tap into the collective
intelligence of other people that have knowledge or experience relevant to
whatever problem a person is dealing with.

Pattie Maes <pattie@media.mit.edu>

Associate Professor
MIT Media Laboratory

*[Pattie will speak at the live FleshFactor Symposium in Linz,
  Sept. 9-10, 1997, T.S.].

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