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Augment or replace?

I had to wear braces for a year or more after a car injury. This helped me
recover the muscle power in my legs after a spinal cord injury. I was
happy to throw away the braces and crutches and to walk normally again. I
was lucky that I did not lose a leg else I would be wearing a prosthesis

Pattie Maes implies that she and her colleagues are building a
"prosthetics for the mind". If the computer constitutes a *prosthesis* for
the human mind what part of it are the IA researchers planning to replace?

Is Maes, by her use of terminology, perhaps unwittingly declaring that
part of our minds (brains) are diseased or useless or at any rate
replaceable? The idea of a prosthesis for a diseased or excised part of
the brain is a good one--it would be wonderful to develop an IA prosthesis
for such cases. But let us hope that researchers in IA recognize the
difference between prosthetics for the mind and augmentation for it.

Laurie McRobert   <mcrobert@intlaurentides.qc.ca>


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