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Patttie Maes wrote:

>I totally agree with Mark that ability to program a VCR is uncorrelated
>with intelligence but has everything to do with lack of interest. The
>point I was trying to make is that we shouldn't even need to program our
>VCR's. To a large extent they can "program themselves" or at least suggest
>to us what they can do for us, so that we can be more lazy about the whole
>thing. For example, if my TV/VCR notices I watch Startrek every week, it
>could suggest to record it for me when I end up not watching it one week.

I guess I just have one question this time: why is it in any way GOOD that
we "can be more lazy about the whole thing"? 

When my VCR tells me what to watch and when (and even IF) I'm going to slap it.

Grayson Cooke   <gcooke@alcor.concordia.ca>

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