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Laurie McRobert wrote:

>Is Maes, by her use of terminology, perhaps unwittingly declaring that
>part of our minds (brains) are diseased or useless or at any rate

To look at it from a Darwinistic perspective: It is my opinion that the
natural evolution of our brains has not been able to keep up with the
rapid changes of the environments we live in.

Our world and everyday lives are so complex that our minds can no longer
keep up. At least that's how I feel! In order to live successfully there
are too many things I have to keep track off, there are too many things I
have to remember, etc.

I would even go further and argue that our minds have certain
'bugs'/'weaknesses' that are being exploited all the time. For example, we
have lousy intuition about statistics. A 'bug' which lotteries, casinos,
etc, happily exploit, to our disadvantage. 

Finally we are fairly inefficient when it comes to intelligence and
problem solving. We forget how to do certain things we used to be able to
do. We also do not benefit as much as we can from the fact that other
people have solved the same problems before (almost no problems we deal
with can be considered original, yet each and every one of us typically
has to work out the solution on our own). 

We are developing technology that helps people deal with these problems. 
These technologies are not meant to replace any parts of our minds/brains,
but to augment the weak parts. More about that in my presentation in a
couple of weeks.


Pattie Maes <pattie@media.mit.edu>
Associate Professor
MIT Media Laboratory

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