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Pattie Maes wrote:

> We have to be very aware of the tradeoffs of automation.

We're talking more than tradeoffs.  In your first post you used the
phrase, "Turing meets Darwin." This is more like it. We are repeating the
same sequence of evolutionary steps that occurred with the proto-human
primate.  I feel that natural memetic algorithms (intelligent agents) 
developed within the primate to "augment" the inflexibility of an
instinctual brain.  In time the "augmentation" itself became dominant and
now supersedes its original purpose, having developed its own personna.
This thinking self now uses the original primate mechanisms.  It is not
outlandish to consider that where you find the computer inconvenient now,
the computer will find you inconvenient in the future.

>My goal is not to simulate myself. My goal is to extend myself so that
>I can do more things, work my way through more information, etc. This
>is why I refer to my work as Intelligence Augmentation, rather than
>Artificial Intelligence.

May I suggest that if you folks meeting in Linz want to do something
worthwhile, you will set up a commission to review this evolutionary
possibility.  Memetic algorithms don't belong to us, they belong to


Peter Charlot <bevens@hgea.org>
Volcano Village, Hawaii


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