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re: mark sottilaro/pattie maes' recent entries...

A VCR that anticipates your choices? I'd like to stick this concept beside
push technology and military-infotainment IFs [interfaces] and see what

I spend about eight hours a day in front of a computer screen & certainly
don't fear technology - but I do fear a transparent point-and-click
metaverse where I am no longer a subject, but _subjected_ to my machine
and the seamless "choices" it makes for me.

I think a lot of the Luddite mentality stems from a fear of loss of
_control_ over the unfolding interaction.  Keeping a manipulable, material
aspect to the human/tech interface allows for a fluctuating desire on
behalf of the subject. It allows for an interaction which is more than
just spinal-reflex auto(mated?)-response.

(I guess what I mean to say is that automating/predicting choice smells
like McDonalds, military-infotainment and the "disabled" [spoken-for?]
subject P. Virilio talks about).

:: to situate myself in the earlier machine/Wetware thread - I see myself
as a machine/replicator, but want to maintain a manipulable, material
intermezzo in relation to "technology". What happens when the "betweenus"
becomes seamless? Control wins over communication. Feedback loop fucked
over & interaction --> reaction. 

belinda barnet     belinda@senet.com.au

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