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Dear FleshFactor List Participants,

First I want to excuse my long silence on this list. My time has been mainly
engaged in the endeavour to expand the domain namespace on the internet, a
process too lengthy to explain here.  If you need background,
please go to:


Although it may seem to some to be off-subject, it is quite to the contrary,
and has much to do with some of the discussions within this list, but in a
very real and pragmatic way. 

The small action that I am requesting of all of you is to participate in the
US Department of Commerce Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comments on the
Future of DNS on the internet. 

I have prepared a petition in support of the NAME.SPACE project which I had
initiated in early 1996.  If you agree with the statements within the
petition, please endorse it by putting your name and email address in the
form and clicking on the submit button.  If you have comments of your own,
whether or not they are in agreement with the Petition, please use the blank
form provided. 

All signitories and comments will be posted publicly on the name.space
website, as well as at the USDoC website. 

Petition prelude with brief explaination of NAME.SPACE:


I ask all of you to take a few minutes of your time to familiarize yourselves
with this issue of vital importance, and to respond quickly, as the August 18
deadline is fast approaching. 

I also look forward to seeing your comments and welcome any and all feedback. 

Best wishes,

Paul Garrin   <mf@mediafilter.org>


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