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FASCINATION by little neocapitalist...

I haven't contributed to this list for a long time. I'm very interested to
see how a concept evolves through a forum such as 'Fleshfactor': This
evolution is a kind of fleshfactor in itself...  It is very funny to see
how during the five months of this forum, people are becoming more and
more 'naive' and sometimes unrealistic. Everybody is fantasizing about
'zen' and technology, 'biology' and technology and maybe next time
'scientology' and fleshfactor: Why not? 

After this little joke, I would like to say that Ebon Fisher in his last
contribution said something very important. I mean that you can't think
technology without the human dimension because it can't be a utopia in
itself but just a mens to do other things and construct a new context. You
have to keep in mind that science isn't science without critiques about
its own contribution to the human collectivity.  How can you think about
progress when you are fascinated by technology in itself ?  What is the
difference between 'to be fascinated by technology as a dogma' and 'to be
fascinated by one main ideology' ? 

There is no difference, the two things are delivering 'fascism': the US
government is also fascinated by technology and they are working with the
'fleshfactor' -- look what they did during 'Gulf war' in Iraq: Is this the
progress of democracy ?

'Technology' has only to be used and not to be a utopia. It has to be used
as a way to make an evolving democracy everywhere (What is internet in

And what is 'Fleshfactor' in a cultural context ?  I will be very pleased
to see more people think like Ebon Fischer about 'Fleshfactor' by keeping
in mind what it is happening in the context of a broader reality.... 

Valery Grancher   vgranger@imaginet.fr


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