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i've been reading the pattie maes posts about agents, and also the stuff
about the libertarian naive. 

cspace has a problem with its social paradigm, in my opinion.  it is a
paradigm that does not seek diversity (and i am not talking pc "diversity"
i'm just talking "different from --------") 

i first began to think about this issue in 93 when i was studying bach's
'art of the fugue.' i studied it, but there were parts that confused me. 
so i went to usenet and i asked if anybody knew or was madly in love with
art of the fugue.  & i got i think six replies, which led to some
discussion.  at that moment i saw that if i wanted to, i could live an
unchallenged intellectual life:  i could, if i wanted, seek out
continuously the six other people on planet earth who agreed with me on
any given question, because the internet would help me to find them. 

i think that this tendency in the net has also something to do with the
way that the virtual community thing works:  virtual communities tend to
be groups of homogenized social-consumption, a paradigm which differs from
geographic based communities in that in geographic communities, you're
kind of stuck with whoever shows up. 

homogenization is a problem in cspace society.  the agents, i agree, will
make it worse. 

I agree with Ebon Fisher when he rants about the naive libertarian
attitudes in cspace about the body.  I am supposing that everybody who is
on this list knows that just BEING in cspace makes a person a member of a
kind of self-selected elite just because of what it costs to be in cspace. 
I'll go a step further, too, and call attention to that lovely phrase that
the krokers use, the "virtual class" & note that one of the defining
characteristics of the members of the virtual class as the krokers see
them, is a tendency towards "willful naivete." 

I think cspace is a colony of the usa.  I think we ought to be
deconstructing it as if it were india during the time of kipling or

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