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Patti Maes wrote:

>I agree that scientists have to think about the human dimension of the
>technology they develop. But it is naive to think that we can be very good
>at predicting HOW new technology will affect culture/our world. Below are
>two excellent books that look at the "history of predicting the impact of
>new technology" and show how bad people have been at this in the past. See
>summaries below.

Thank you very much for your book references, but I didn't make an
allusion about predictions. I'm just made a reference about what Einstein
said about science. I don't ask scientists to be very good in this way
but I ask them to keep in mind this concept... 

Scientist are working in the same manner as as artists, sometimes they
don't know where they're going, but it isn't a reason to not have
deontology about the work they do. 

This is diffrence between European culture and American one:  the American
has always a positivist point of view . 

Look at Edward Teller, he brings the power to destroy the planet earth
but instead he brings peace (he said that). But what kind of peace is it ?
a paranoiac peace ?  Thanks a lot !

Do you work keeping in mind how your research can be used by the military
to destroy humans ?

You know we don't have to keep a pessimistic point of view but a
compromise between pessimistic and optimistic. In fact, you just have to
perceive reality as it is and as it is evolving. This reality is our
cultural context, social context, political context, ethnic context... 

Please work by looking around you !!!

Valery Grancher   <vgranger@imaginet.fr>


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