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Valery Gracher wrote:

>From an artistic point of view, what does it add to use a virtual agent 
>to make an artwork about psychological level,when you can interact with 
>others persons to investigate such psychological phenomena? 

What does it add? - I'm not sure, I haven't finished it and there are few
existing models to look at. Nevertheless I think it'll be as different as
using film, or sculpture, or fiction, or any other media to make an
artwork about the psychological level - and potentially as valid and as

Personally I think it can be quite difficult to "interact with other
persons to investigate such psychological phenomena.."  Maybe a virtual
space and a virtual agent adds an environment for psychological
experiments that we can carry back into our interactions with "real"
others, or maybe it could just be a space to play in or act-out in. 

Valery also wrote:
>I hate purity !!! I hate hierarchy !!! I hate taxonomy!!!! and
>classifications !!!

It's so easy to put these together and get fascism and we all scream and
run away in panic. But here we're also talking about science and
technology - in these cases the "purity" of some metal, the hierarchical
structure of programming, are important and necessary.  And we all live by
taxonomy and classification. I would like to get to the point where these
words are not just used as bugbears. Like nearly everything they can be
useful or dangerous. They (as everything else) live, as Valery so rightly
points out, in context - and yes in the context of the politics of this
century they are terrifying.

But I'm interested in how some ideas, ethics, belief systems may mean
different things and have different importance in different contexts, on
different levels.  And I'm interested in how, whatever the driving ethics,
however "pure"  our intentions, the effects of any of our artistic,
cultural, social or psychological experiments can never be exactly gauged.
And I'm amused by our self-important stuttings as we worry so much
about the effects of our actions.

Finally - thanks Valery for your advice. You're right. I should sell my
idea to the military-industrial complex and go off to the bank singing. 

a soon-to-be-rich artist,

Josephine Anstey    <josephin@aec.at>

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