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jens-ingo brodesser wrote:

>Joseph Beuys, in this context, seems to be more precise when saying that
>everybody is a fascist.

Beuys said that, and he was really speaking the truth. Jens-Ingo is 
totally all right when he's speaking about Joseph Beuys' extra social
position of the artist and his concept of deep activity inside society.

The ethical problem in this case is how to deal with this kind of paradox,
to evolve outside and to simultaneously act inside.

Maybe I have a romantic conception of the artist, but actually the
dominant flux is either following fashion (contemporary art) or the
military industrial complex (media artist). We cannot act by saying that
art has to be something defined by an 'utopian' point of view. Otherwise,
each artist has to think about his own ethical position regarding his own
work and the way he's interacting within the context enveloping him. This
is not a 'purity' dream. Wittgenstein said that there is no aesthetic
without ethics--that's why I can say that ethics are aesthetics, and
aesthetics are ethics... 

jens-ingo brodesser also wrote:

> ethical dialogue can take place which is free from affirmations, each
> claiming to be politically most correct.

An ethical dialogue isn't for me a way to be politically correct...

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