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Carmen Hermosillo wrote:

>i think that this tendency in the net has also something to do with the
>way that the virtual community thing works:  virtual communities tend to
>be groups of homogenized social-consumption, a paradigm which differs from
>geographic based communities in that in geographic communities, you're
>kind of stuck with whoever shows up. 

I think you do have an interesting point here. Certainly, there can be much
more self-selection in cyber-communities than geographic ones - but is it
not the case, that unless you happen to live in a remote village, then
people self select their communities anyway? Isn't this a pomo phenomenon,
the fragmentation of society into more and more specialist groupings? 

People in RL [real life] form small circles of friends who share
interests, views etc.  Its true, that in RL, I do sometimes chat to the
man in my corner shop whereas maybe I wouldn't in a cyber-space community.
But on the other hand, I find myself discussing issues with South
Africans, Australians and so on, on other lists. certainly, there is a
tendency for like minded people to congregate on the same list, but I've
found that this can encompass a wide range of views. 

However, I do take the point. We can play safe here if we want, maybe much
more easily than in RL.

>I think cspace is a colony of the usa.  I think we ought to be
>deconstructing it as if it were india during the time of kipling or

I'm not in the USA but in the UK - but of course, I do recognise being a
member of an elite. And yes, the domination by America over the net is
rather overwhelming. Surely the task must be to extend cyberspace to a
wider community in order to bring about change. My view is that anything
which minimises the interface and makes the technology more accessible
_can_ help to do this. Apart from the financial implication of being on
line, there is also a huge problem at the moment with technology. the
majority of users are either technically interested and skilled (or have
had to become so) or are linked to support centres at work or University.
The technology is still hugely intimidating for the average user.

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