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Brian Molyneaux wrote:

>Re. Carmen's last on commodification of the virtual community:
>this is one reason why electronic globalism is a threat and anarchy and
>individualism are crucial issues in wired communities of the future

The atomizing nature of the marketplace itself separates people from
responsibility for their own actions, allows them -- or even requires them
-- to detach themselves from the whole. 

The wondrous machine of global revolution is oscillating out of control,
widening the arcs of social and economic instabilities in its wake. The
destructive pressures building up within the global system are leading
toward an unbearable chaos that, even without a dramatic collapse, will
likely provoke the harsh, reactionary politics that can shut down the
system. This outcome is avoidable if nations will put aside theory and
confront what is actually occurring, if they have the courage to impose
remedial changes before it is too late. (Greider) 

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