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brad brace quoted Greider:

>The wondrous machine of global revolution is oscillating out of control,
>widening the arcs of social and economic instabilities in its wake. The
>destructive pressures building up within the global system are leading
>toward an unbearable chaos that, even without a dramatic collapse, will
>likely provoke the harsh, reactionary politics that can shut down the
>system. This outcome is avoidable if nations will put aside theory and
>confront what is actually occurring, if they have the courage to impose
>remedial changes before it is too late. (Greider)

The nation states no longer have the ability to maneuver successfully
through the current, increasingly chaotic situation.  They have lost their
power to the TNC's [transnational corporations].  They have lost the
respect of the people, and they do not have the propagandistic means at
their disposal anyhow. 

Who then?

Hollywood of course will supply a panacea - a Busby Berkeley for the
closing years of the the century.  Isn't it entirely apropos that The
Titanic is going to be THE film of the year?...a rerun in surround sound
of disaster before it happens.

Maybe money will be wise enough to protect itself by protecting everything
else...maybe money, the fluid emissions of the social body in exchange
will take on the challenge of necessary analysis and radically demand an
overhall of the entire system...(Ha! - fat chance of that!) 

Maybe the whole thing will limp along as it has for the past

But let's not kid ourselves - since Hiroshima and Auschwitz, since Dresden
and Los Angeles, things have not looked pretty for humankind...  Our
structures are monstrosities, our progress is poison, our science
horrible, unethical, dirty, pathetically subservient to the worst of
commercial interests.  And our philosophers are pathological materialists
paving the way for the elimination of the individual by ignorantly
studying only what they can poke at in front of their eyes. 

So to the body we return.  To a flesh that can be shared across space and
time.  The potential of our evolution met by a reliance on the creative -
the creative capacity - and that the creative is of necessity a leap of
faith, ultimately unsubstantiated, into the void of pure meaning/survival.

Meaning goes back to the word "to moan"- meaning is the noise of our survival.

To once again paraphrase Gregory Bateson - noise is the sole source of new

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