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FleshFactor: More of the cyberbeast?

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

The cyberbeast incarnate:

Oliver said:

"But let's not kid ourselves - since Hiroshima and Auschwitz, since
Dresden and Los Angeles, things have not looked pretty for humankind... 
Our structures are monstrosities, our progress is poison, our science
horrible, unethical, dirty, pathetically subservient to the worst of
commercial interests.  And our philosophers are pathological materialists
paving the way for the elimination of the individual by ignorantly
studying only what they can poke at in front of their eyes." 


To agree with these views is disconcertedly reassuring, whilst there is the
danger of feeling exorcised by expression alone.

We separate ourselves from Nature with the City, the Artifical, 'work', and
in cybernetic fashion, Nature out there is sure to effect us back.

There is so much momentum to the invisible structures that make up the
"cyberbeast" - this thing that we are part of and is constructed from
natural drives spiced with consumerism, work, ethics, morals, laws
etc...this thing that drives and defines us, this thing that we appear
powerless to direct and control.  This thing that lacks any quality
visions of a worthwhile future. 

Imagine - no cars world-wide (the jobs, the effort, the vested short-term
consumerist interest stops us).  What might replace the simple and
auto-destructive materialistic drives that define the cyberbeast? 

Will it simply hurtle chaotically through the millennium, we as a global
human wired race appear helpless in steering, stopping this monster -
Nature probably has a few surprises in store - the Gaia version of
negative feedback, (after a series of escalating runaway chaotic

If there was a shared God worldwide, one that did not involve territorial
battles on land or brain, could this encapsulate a quality global vision
for humanity?  (I use God as a term for a vision greater than the
individual, yet embracing all, an ideology, rather than being led by
earthbound material desires)  Dodgy stuff, I know, religion has a somewhat
tarnished reputation - yet what else might bind us to aim for higher
things?  Politics - I think not. 

Or is this idea simply nonsense and by definition we are destined for
battle and chaos, the very idea of a peaceful existence with ourselves and
nature (balance, harmony) being totally unfeasible. 

Could there be an alternative method of controlling and directing
civilisation for its own betterment (defined by?) - Is it a religion? An
ideology? Could it be a non-egotistical method of exerting control by a
networked global community? 

1. Leave the beast alone, ride it.
2. Moan, share, argue, agree.
3. Do something. (what?!)
4. Ignore it and it will go away.


Richard Brown     <r.brown@rca.ac.uk>

Research Fellow,
Computer Related Design,
Royal College of Art,
Kensington Gore,
London SW7 2EU.

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