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FleshFactor: Re: More of the cyberbeast?

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I find it so, so heartening that finally, on a forum such as this, where the
technofuturists from MIT regularly assail us with their visions of a
software-agent enhanced future, we are allowed to bring back Nature.

Richard Brown wrote:

>We separate ourselves from Nature with the City, the Artifical, 'work', and
>in cybernetic fashion, Nature out there is sure to effect us back.

The post-structuralist malaise which hangs over us, which proclaims that
Nature is dead, or never existed, really comes down to an apology for human
perversity; the 'discovery' that Nature is a construct merely obscures the
very real damage humans have done to Nature. And I do not doubt that Nature
will effect us back; if there is such a thing as universal justice (and if I
am talking of God, so be it), I cannot help but wish for it to come down on
our (the technical West) heads!

Richard also wrote:
>If there was a shared God worldwide, one that did not involve territorial
>battles on land or brain, could this encapsulate a quality global vision
>for humanity?  (I use God as a term for a vision greater than the
>individual, yet embracing all, an ideology, rather than being led by
>earthbound material desires)  Dodgy stuff, I know, religion has a somewhat
>tarnished reputation - yet what else might bind us to aim for higher
>things?  Politics - I think not. 

Once again, I totally agree with you. By all means, let a God be
resurrected if it will bring humanity to consciousness of itself as a
whole. I do have a question, though, about the relation of such a globally
shared vision to the idea of a 'global networked community', because if
there is one truism that can be applied to the meta-narratives of
technological globality, it is that it will NEVER BE GLOBAL, and perhaps
SHOULD NOT (similar questions have been asked many times, I am sure: do
the Masai really need IRC???). This vision of a wired world is shared by
many, both techno-utopians and those more pessimistic, and I can't help
but wonder about its relation to other scenarios of widespread unity or

Might it be that it is not so much a matter of communication, but of
consciousness? If we are to think globally, is a global grid of wires,
cables and 'information' really the answer?

Grayson Cooke

Humanities Doctoral Programme
Concordia University

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