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To Brian Molyneaux/1.9.97: 

The problem is that I don't know in which sense the concepts "favouring",
"evolution", mankind`s", "awareness" and "unity" are problematic for you. 
Is it, that you mean, like in your post of 15.4.1997 that each order is
authoritarian?  But also the systematic stipulation of disorder is an
order and cannot escape its own authoritarian gesture!  Systematic
disorder can only be stipulated by strictly using concepts, and using
concepts means using order. 

To Jules Marshall/2.9.97:

The important thing of the posting is, that the future of mankind as a
whole needs "politique here, not a ideology but an active cognizance of
actually persisting situations". 

But to realize politiques like this, you have to know the structures of
the unity of mankind in all aspects (theory) before trying to change the
real-world-situation in this direction. (Of course you can go the
pragmatic way of trial and error). You are confronted with the fact, that
- as this net-symposium demonstrates - there exist various kinds of
thinking (tenets) about the "human condition", the relation between body
and mind, the structures of reason, and theories about social justice,
harmony, a.s.o. (The school 1 to school 5 in my posting of 21.8.1997). You
have to find the way to harmonize these differences without authoritarian
forces, violence and power.  We see great differences in the grasping of
"actually persisting situations" and conditions by different analysts also
concerning the problems of the planet. 

Siegfried Pflegerl    <spflegerl@wk.or.at>

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