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FleshFactor: Re: Pflegerl's Molyneaux and Marshall

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Siegfried Pflegerl wrote:

> The problem is that I don't know in which sense the concepts "favouring",
> "evolution", mankind`s", "awareness" and "unity" are problematic for you. 
> Is it, that you mean, like in your post of 15.4.1997 that each order is
> authoritarian?  But also the systematic stipulation of disorder is an
> order and cannot escape its own authoritarian gesture!  Systematic
> disorder can only be stipulated by strictly using concepts, and using
> concepts means using order. 

I referred humourously to systematic disorder in a much earlier post when
I noted that even anarchists have parties. As I implied more recently,
order and disorder are a matter of perspective, of material and
ideological situation. You can use all the orderly words you like, but it,
and this, are merely language. There is much more to the world than our
conceits. Chaos and order coexist in the fleshy, steely material world,
and that is what really matters.

Brian Leigh Molyneaux   <moly@sunflowr.usd.edu>

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