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Jon Lebkowsky wrote:

> And what are these 'remedial changes' we would have 'nations' impose?

Restore national controls over global capital. 

Tax wealth more, labor less.

Stimulate global growth by boosting consumer demand from the bottom up.
Compel trading nations to accept more balanced trade relations and absorb
more surplus production. 

Forgive the debtors, especially the hopeless cases among the very poorest
of nations. 

Reorganize monetary policy to confront the realities of a globalized money
supply, both to achieve greater stability and open the way to greater

Defend labor rights in all markets, prohibit the ancient abuses renewed in
the dark satanic mills. 

Withdraw from the old labor-capital battleground by universalizing access
to capital ownership. 

Reformulate the idea of economic growth to escape the wasteful nature of 

And in the meantime, defend work and wages and social protections against 
assaults by the marketplace.

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