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The great social question for the future is whether capitalism will be
reformed to escape the boundaries of the past -- the class-ridden vision
of society that limits human possibilities -- or simply repeat,
pathologically, the same contradictions and struggles that Marx

The means exist to escape from this stale past and define a different
social reality for the future: by democratizing capitalism, by ensuring
that over time the ownership of capital will itself become broadly shared,
dispersed among workers, citizens at large and communities, more or less

The future requires a large imagination if people expect to shape their
own destinies. Societies will have to risk failure by undertaking
adventurous experiments if they are to avoid replaying the stale past.

Political imagination will have to arise from different quarters -- the
outsiders who are free to believe in new ideas. 

The rich will always be with us but universalizing access to capital
ownership would greatly strengthen the economic foundations for society
and for individual self-realization. (Greider again)

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