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Brian Leigh Molyneaux wrote:

"You can use all the orderly words you like, but it, and this, are merely
language. There is much more to the world than our conceits." 

This position represents thoughts according to school 2 and school 3 in my
posting of 21.8.1997. We are "creating" a world by means of our sensorial
imputs (E), imagination (D)  and conceits (C). The question is: are all
these virtual worlds we are creating by concepts (represented in language) 
equivalent? Is there any possibility to control this question by a
Meta-Reason-Concept, or have we to say: we are living in different
VR-worlds, we are constructing by means of E, D and C1, C2, C3...Cn; but
all these worlds, constructed in history, are equivalent. They are all
"dreams" of the same quality. There is no evolution in the chain and
sequence of these constructions (VR1, VR2, VR3,...  VRn). 

Are we able to transcend this level or not? (I think the abovementioned
sentences are a kind of transgression)  This is the crucial point!
As far as I see, the schools S4 and S5 are proposing intellectual
stimulus. What is the "much more to the world than our conceits"
(Molyneaux), and can we go on to "understand" this world by new kinds of

Returning to the man/machine relation: Is it possible that we can
construct machines that are able to discuss the same contents and the
same problems we are discussing here? Can machines be capable of thinking
thoughts about their own thinking in the same way and on the same level? 

Siegfried Pflegerl     <spflegerl@wk.or.at>

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