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FleshFactor: One can imagine an immensely powerful computer...

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

One can imagine an immensely powerful computer that pervades -- that _is_
-- the entire universe. As this Omega Point approaches the final collapse
of time and space and being itself, it will undergo a mystical experience. 

It will recognize with ever greater force the utter implausibility of its
existence. It will realize that there is no other creator, no God, other
than itself. It exists, and nothing else. 

The Omega Point must also realize that its lust for final knowledge and
unification has brought it to the brink of eternal nothingness, and that
if it dies, everything dies; being itself will vanish. 

The Omega Point's terrified recognition of its plight, will compel it to
flee from itself, from its own awful aloneness and self-knowledge. 

Creation, with all its pain and beauty and multiplicity, stems from -- or
is -- the desperate, terrified flight of the Omega Point from itself.


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P.S. The Omega Point created the universe even though the Omega Point _has
not itself been created yet._


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