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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

" As I am demonstrating (only by a glimpse) in my posting to the symposium
on 21.8.1997 (hierarchy of infinities) God as the absolute and infinite
essense is not the Alpha Point nor the Omega Point. God as "0" in the
graphic is not to be attributed by categories of change and Time. Also the
two infinite unities Nature (e) and Spirit (i) are not changing. Only
finite unities *WITHIN* Spirit and Nature and their connection (as: 
stones, clouds, plants, animals and human beings) are changing their INNER
constellations and properties in every moment.  But they are not changing
in their Essence. So the thesis of the Omega Point cannot be seen as Brace
is pointing out. The Omega Point for the mankind of our planet can only be
seen as a *certain degree of synthesis with the Divine Reason and Life*
and with the higher spheres of Nature and Spirit and their synthesis. Not
a kind of end, but of higher synthesis.

God is creating in every moment infinite finite universes *WITHIN" the
absolute and infinite Essence but not as Omega- or Alpha Point.

Siegfried Pflegerl      <spflegerl@wk.or.at>      

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