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Brad Brace wrote:

>A computer program that accurately modeled the human brain might be as
>inscrutable to us as the brain itself. Trying to know themselves,
>superintelligent machines, would have to become still more complicated; 
>they would thus be caught in a spiral of ever-increasing complexity,
>chasing their own tails for all eternity. 

>The only hope humans have of comprehending their own complexity may be to
>cease being human. Anybody who has the motivation or talent will be able
>in effect to merge with these big software systems. 

The brain isn't complex it's just not understood.  The reason why it's not
understood yet is because we lack the tools to 'look' at the brain.  Wait
a few years and then we'll see.  I think the trick to unlocking the brain
will be in self-referential algorythms that.  See the problem here is that
we think we need to understand the brain when in fact all we need is for
something to understand the brain and then be able to answer our questions
about it.  When seen in this light the problem becomes solvable.  We do
this in other fields all the time.  Physics is a good one.  We don't get
inside the atom we just develop tools that can look at one aspect of the
atom and then answer some questions about it. 

Life isn't as complex as we think it is.  We -make- it complex by not
completely defining the terms.  There is no definition for Intelligence,
Life, Death, Good or Evil.  Until we define these terms we will always see
various problems as complex and goals unattainable.  How can you map out
intelligence/life experiences when you don't have a definition of what
those concepts are? 

Shafer Ramsey    <msr@U.Arizona.EDU>

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