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FleshFactor: Re: Shafer Ramsey re: epistemological tails

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Shafer Ramsey wrote:

>Life isn't as complex as we think it is.  We -make- it complex by not
>completely defining the terms.  There is no definition for Intelligence,
>Life, Death, Good or Evil.  Until we define these terms we will always see
>various problems as complex and goals unattainable.  How can you map out
>intelligence/life experiences when you don't have a definition of what
>those concepts are? 

Well, good luck eh? Shafer: might it be that there is a very good reason
why these slippery things have not been 'defined'? Might it be that these
things can't be quantified, and that to apply a scientific version of
signification to them would be utterly reduce their efficacy as slippery
signifiers? What would Deleuze and Guattari say to all this? I'll tell
you: 'NO signifier, never interpret'. 

Grayson Cooke     <gcooke@alcor.concordia.ca>

Humanities Doctoral Programme
Concordia University

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