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FleshFactor: writhing inside the mystery

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Throughout this FleshFactor debate a very traditional wall has been
maintained which separates the "mind" from the "outer world." Even those
who have challenged that wall (this Wiggler included) have unwittingly
reinforced it as a metaphor. There is certainly a game we all play in which
we talk loosely and professionally about the "objective world" even as we
will question it over a beer.

If anything has been achieved in FleshFactor, it is a slight evaporation
of that wall. The cyborg and the internet have led many traditional
empiricists to recognize that machines, culture, and nature are all
merging in a great bubbling foam of feedback loops. We are writhing inside
the mystery, not standing above it. 

As this dialogue has occurred largely among Westerners, I cannot help but
wonder if Lao Tsu is doing a little jig in his grave.

It's been fun.

-Ebon Fisher   <alula@interport.net>


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