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FleshFactor: osmotic indications

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Sometimes fleshflacktor (sic) has writhed in a manner akin to the apparent
left/right brain emotional/logical art/science dichotomies - arguments and
flack of opposing conceptions have bounced back and forth, oscillations of
cleverly wrought theses merging with poetic and emotive prose..

Has there been an osmotic effect? - have some eyes have been opened or
heads tilted up from the captivating tasks of AI programming?

I have been impressed by the errudite constructions of some serious and
sometimes scary-cool brainpower, and in the alchemical mix its been
refreshing to hear the emotive, mystical, spiritual voices piping up,
unafraid of appearing foolish or ineloquent. For it is this buzzing mix
that makes a truth, a multidimensional construction where one answer, one
way is not sufficent--a tempering of the radical, a synthesis of the

My biggest hair-rising experience however has been the obsession by some
of the machines for synthetic relationships, and I share the views
associated with the fear of death brigade - creating artificial life as an
expression of a hope for immortality, a need of recognition - or love? 

If anything fleshfactor has shown a tendency in exhibiting a utopian belief
in science/machines as the cure for all our problems. Yet the mind itself
is barely understood, our civilisation is based on some of the most mundane
goal/wish fulfillments ever dreamt up by advertising execs. We really need
to clear up our own backyards before we move on -  voyages into inner
space, perhaps machines may provide the vehicles but not the answers.

Bon voyage,

Richard Brown     <r.brown@rca.ac.uk>


Research Fellow,
Computer Related Design,
Royal College of Art,
Kensington Gore,
London SW7 2EU.

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