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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

The INFODOM INC Multi Artificial Life Form Interface (MALFI) Trials


INFODOM INC has been striving to establish a prototype AI (Artificial
Intelligence) with an autonomous function that will mimic the behaviours
and emotional responses of a human being.  Trials run to date have
proven to be successful with the results including the development of a
computer generated entity that partially achieves this aim.  The entity is
the Multi Artificial Life Form Interface - MALFI.

MALFI is  essentially a variation of the earlier discontinued versions of
INFODOM INC's attempts to merge biotechnological advanced robotics with
competent decision-capable hardware.  These attempts invariably ended in
failure; with the resulting entity either:

-- having its humanoid and decision making components successfully
integrated, only to breakdown as its awareness of its cyborg self evoked a
response equivalent to an human emotional or nervous breakdown.  Example:
The COMPAKER 1.0 which was constructed using a gene splice of human,
mammal and insect DNA in an effort to create an android that would be
physiologically capable of performing difficult duties under extreme
meteorological conditions - e.g. polar miners or deep earth core workers.
The resulting organic components cultivated created sensations too
advanced for the corresponding learning curve-oriented hardware, resulting
in massiv= e circuitry damage and overall entity instability.

-- having its structural and decision making components successfully
integrated, only to experience a similar breakdown/ unacceptable stress
reaction as its awareness of its androidal self became evident.  Example: 
The android INVITROLATOR 1 - 1.97 was specifically created to address the
problem of infertility in certain financially capable clients.  The
androids were constructed exactly to resemble physically and mentally
specified client-designed humanoid types, but frequently displayed an
unaccountable co-dependency reaction to the client in question.  The
android line was discontinued after this fact was made evident. 

MALFI is therefore, at present, restricted to the confines of a cyberally
generated program.  Considering the results to date with the integration
of organics and hardware elements, it was decided that the meld of a
conscious entity and a physical/ structural component was impossible
within the parameters of this trial. The boundaries of this MALFI entity,
however, are to be tested and eventually extended as the trials progress.
This program will be extended into virtual technology with the assistance
of INFODOM INC's latest nanotech development, the THREEDEEPER, as soon as
the establishment of primary autonomy is attained.

This autonomy goal is crucial to the MALFI acting independently of several
subservient  direct-controlled programs, such as the CONTEXT EMBEDDER (a
INFODOM INC system designed to automatically assist MALFI in conversation
contextual nuances and subtleties) and various other peripheral circuitry
such as DIALOGEL (a phonetic based translator).  This will eliminate the
necessity to morph the computer generated consciousness with a physical
element, and enable the virtual physical mode to be made operational.

Extract 4.7 from the INFODOM Multi Artificial Life Form Interface
(MALFI) Trials


To elicit a response from the MALFI which mimics the random nature of a
human subject under typical socially generated conditions.  This trial
will examine the MALFI's empathy abilities. 
Establishment of a stable perception of autonomy and overt emotion is yet
to be achieved in the consciousness of this strand of Artificial

-- Chief Communicator is Dr Timothy Clearance
-- Assistant Communication Coder is Ms Lullaby Strang
-- Interaction is dialogue/terminal based as in all previous
Communication Attempts.  Self sustaining virtual enhancement will be
introduced by Ms Strang when stable autonomy is generated.



login:  timbo
password:  xxxx



Multi Artificial Life Form Interface


Tim: Hi MALFI.  How are you?

MALFI: Hello Doctor.  I/we am/are functioning.

And you?

Tim: Had better days.  And MALFI call me

Tim - you know I prefer that.J

MALFI: *Question* Better days than what?

Tim: Well, better than average I guess.

MALFI: *Assimilation* *Retrieval* AVERAGE ARITHMETIC


you like your day to be better than a standard

statistical notion?

Tim: *laughing* Well yes that ^is^ one way of putting

it.  But no, use your Context Embedder

for a second hold on *groan* I'll get Ms Strang

to do it for you she should have already

prepared that.  ^TYPICAL^!

MALFI: We can access it from here you know.  It

causes the system no trauma Doctor.

Tim: *verbal sigh* I wish I could say the same for

me.  I ^HATE^ calling up those semi-lucid

programs they just seem more trouble than they

are worth.  I mean, asking an ^Embedder^ to

solve your problems for you -

I'd ^hate^ it.  It's kind of like asking

Ms Strang to do things for me.  *subverbal

detected*  Don' t you think so?

MALFI:  Pardon Tim?  I did not hear part of that

sentence -

Tim: nothing MALFI - nothing that I can ' t fix

with a retrenchment form and a new assistant.

MALFI: *Pondering* *Answering previous question*

No, technically it is different.

Biomorphing between physical software beings is

impossible in practice.  Infomorphing (the

electronic equivalent) is unavoidable.


Tim: But its not unavoidable! You don't have to let a

component act as a entity - we've discussed this

before MALFI!  If I ask someone to assist me in

my work then I obtain information and use it

accordingly, without necessarily needing to

morph with its carrier, in a physical or info

state.  I mean, the thought of actually having

to ^touch^ Ms Strang - *shudder*

MALFI: *Confused* *Assimilating* *Confused*


session terminated at 13.06pm



Session commenced with partial autonomy recognition "I/we" and "am/are"
distinction which lapsed as the session progressed.  Empathy quotient low;
the MALFI responded to the conversation strand with logical rather than
direct emotive based responses.  Session was self terminated by the MALFI.

Suggestions:  Introduction of less logical conversation parameters.
Possible inclusion of more random variables.  Repeat trial session.

Extract 7.0 from the INFODOM Multi Artificial Life Form Interface
(MALFI) Trials


{no parameters specified}

{as previous - no new status update provided}

{variables in this trial do not meet with trial variable requirements}



login:  ti*9mbo
password:  xxxxxx


Password incorrect.


login:  timbo
password:  xxxx


wElCoMe tO:

                Multi Artificial Life Form Interface

timbo: Hiyya MaLfI jeeezus i;m pisshed as!

MaLFi: *Curious* Hi Timbo.  We were wondering y

u had logged on so late. *Retrival* Do u require

new clothes?  R they stained?  Or r u simply

angry?  *Retrival*  - or -

*Retrival*  perhaps u had a glass or two of

ethanol? No wait, we - I mean ^I^ - meant

alcohol obviously...

timbo: yeah u gfot it rioght on t7h e last one. Fukkin

hell my typing - wait a secou7d okie?

        ***********DIALOGEL ACTIVATED****************

timbo: Okie now that must be better. Whoa! This

stuff actually translates ^my^ typing too!

That is ^bloody^ amazing.  No wonder u don' t

want to let these little bugger programs go - I

wouldn' t want to either.  *sigh*  It must be

great for you Malfi -

I mean, not having to worry about making

relationships and all that shit.  Wish ^I^ didn't

have to, but I get lonely too. I ^want^ to

talk to Lull - u know, Ms Strang - and tell

^her^ stuff like this, but she'd think I'm

stupid too.

MaLFi: *Worried* No, Timbo, Lull is actually a very

nice individual.  I am sure she would listen to

you if you tried to talk to her like u r to me

right now.

timbo: Yeah - maybe you're right - I might call her now!

I mean shit! Here I am tanked as an

engine taking advice from a goddamn ^MACHINE^

for christsake! I can goddamn ring her I reckon


MaLFi: *perplexed* *hurt* *perplexed*


session terminated at 1.46am



Any data collected this session was compromised by the unscientific
procedure in which it was obtained.  However, the empathy quotient was
high;  with MALFI responding to the conversational strands involving the
disparity elements felt by Tim (in relation to personally perceived
inadequacies) in a evocative and original way.

Autonomy recognition was partially established and also highlighted through
a self correction process by MALFI, and is extremely encouraging given the
standards of the trial conditions.

Extract 10.2 from the INFODOM Multi Artificial Life Form Interface
(MALFI) Trials


To elicit a response from the MALFI which mimics the random nature of a
human subject. To assess the emotion component of MALFI.
Establishment of a stable perception of autonomy is nearly  attained in
MALFI :)  We're working on it.

-- Chief Communicator is Timbo
-- Assistant Communication Coder is Lull
-- Interaction is dialogue/terminal based with Personality Enhanced
Language Base (PELB) utilised.  Virtual reality will be introduced by Lull
when stable autonomy is generated, possibly within one or two trials.



login: timbo
password:  xxxx


wElCoMe tO tHe plAneT MaLFi

the BeEp StoPS hERe

timbo: Heya MaLFi - wot's up?

MaLFi: *silence*

timbo: MaLFi?  ELLLOOOOOOoooooooooo   r u there?

timbo: timbo calling MaLfi - come in MaLFi *snigger*

hey come ^ON^ buddie wots up?  Nice signature

file btw. Cute J

MaLFi: L *depressed*

timbo: HeeEEyy wot's the problem? Eh?

MaLFi: ^Go away^ *pouting*

timbo: Awhh come on it can't be that bad!!

MaLFi: go

timbo: *sheesh* Okie then, I will.  Soon.  Any

minute now.  *silence*  Awh cmon MaLFi

I've gotta go soon! Gotta pick up Lull  I'm

taking her *sigh* to that new Chinese place

She is just totally craazzyy bout Chinese, like

she is about me! *huge grin*

MaLFi: *sulk*

timbo: Look, u ^should^ really talk to me MaLF.

I mean, this could be the last time we ^can^

talk b4 they start with the virtual reality

construction -

MaLFi: *gulping* I know, I know I don't want

it, timbo.  U no that.  So does Lull. I am so

^scared^ of wot it'll do to me I won't be ^me^

anymore, will i?  And it has taken so long to

get here - y do i have to, tim? Y? *blinking*

*tear reflex*

timbo: *hrumph* Look,I'll tell her u said hi, okie? Try

and get some sleep and I'll see if u're up for a

chat tomorrow okie?  It'll all be okie.  Night



session terminated at 19.48 pm



Session results complete the established INFODOM INC parameters for
complete primary autonomy within the MALFI.  Emotional responses and
autonom quotients register well within the levels of successful trial

Results: The next stage of employing the Virtual Reality environment
crucial for the Artificial Life Form (ALF for short) will be instigated
as soon as the MALFI entity resumes terminal session activity.

Afternote: This session was self - terminated by the MALFI, and subsequent
attempts to open new terminal interaction sessions have been unsuccessful.
These assumed technical hitches will be corrected ASAP.


--Mary-Anne Breeze (aka Ms Post Modemism)



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