Futurelab Education Initiative

Passing on knowledge is as pivotal to the Futurelab as acquiring it. Thus the Futurelab tries to enrich its network by a series of activities in education and knowledge transfer.

The Futurelab Education Initiative encompasses a set of activities which share the common goal of transferring and exchanging knowledge – with organisations, universities and enterprises which act at the nexus of art, technology and society. The program offers the expertise of the Futurelab members as well as a broad network of close artists and institutions.

A unique feature of all such activity is how it is embedded in the infrastructure of Ars Electronica: The Ars Electronica Festival  is one of the world’s most renowned media art festivals and has a 35-year history; the Ars Electronica Center is an extraordinary “museum of the future” with exhibitions and programs spanning a range from conceptual art to knowledge transfer. Hence, the Futurelab, as a research laboratory framed by an infrastructure of education, transfer and networking, is in a unique position to teach, inspire and connect.


A vital and visionary format is the Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy, initiated in 2012: Over a course of several months, students, scientists and tutors collaborate to develop experimental, transdisciplinary practices that eventually lead to extraordinary projects between art, technology and societal concerns; these projects are presented at the annual Ars Electronica Festival and give their creators unequalled public exposure. The Academy has already been implemented with partners in Australia, Japan and China, with new ideas and approaches every year; the goal is to continuously renew learning and development processes in higher education, with a particular focus on overcoming the borders between disciplines, cultural backgrounds and institutional settings.

Previous projects:


In the course of one or several days, students get a glimpse of the research areas and artistic strategies of the Futurelab. Talks, workshops, demos and tours are meant to confront, inspire and open new perspectives.



Within the scope of individual professorships of Futurelab researchers and the realization of projects using the Ars Electronica-infrastructure, the Futurelab is in a constant exchange with universities and colleges from the region.

Hagenberg/Kunstuni – pictures

Become part of the futurelab network

A co-operation within the framework of the Futurelab Education Initiative is no service but a process of mutual learning. Knowledge and inspiration ought to be shared, foremost in an area which is changing so rapidly. In particular, the Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy does not end with the realization of a project. It is rather a step to expand the network on both sides and makes way for future collaborations. An important aspect is the widening of perspectives, which foster an intercultural exchange; thus we want to encourage cooperation by crossing every geographical, cultural and linguistic border.

If you are interested to establish a program in one of the above-mentioned frameworks, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – whether if you have a specific topic or a general interest in our work – we are convinced that we can find an exciting format for every party involved.