Apollo 13 1996

An elevator ride into outer space—during the elevator’s ascent, the cabin seemed to smash through the roof of the Museum of the Future.


Virtually leaving planet earth: The visualization “Apollo 13” of the Ars Electronica Lift made it possible.


From the building’s Underground Level, visitors ascended through the Ars Electronica Center. Below the floor of the elevator cabin, they saw the neighborhood surrounding the Center, got a bird’s-eye view of the city of Linz, then overlooked all of Upper Austria, Europe and the planet Earth … and ultimately debarked at the Media Loft on Level 3 of the Museum of the Future. In order to create this illusion of an Apollo 13 mission, a computer animation sequence that is synchronized with the actual motion of the elevator cabin was projected from below onto the floor of the AEC lift. The animation of the elevator ride was composed of a great many individual images including pictures taken from aircraft and satellites as well as material generated by computer.


Concept und Design:

Dietmar Offenhuber


Volker Christian, Gerda Palmetshofer, Hermann Wakolbinger