Ars Electronica Creative Cloud Osaka 2013

Ars Electronica Creative Cloud is a workshop series held in the Knowledge Capital ( of Osaka in a brand-new creative hub for innovation through a fusion of human creativity and technology. Ten creative workshops will be conducted in this cultural program curated by Ars Electronica, starting June 2013 to May 2014, including cutting-edge talk sessions by international artists and Ars Electronica members. This event is held under the auspices of both Knowledge Capital and Kansai Telecasting Corporation.


Foto: Ai Nakagawa
Foto: Ai Nakagawa


The venue of this event is located in the center of Osaka and it is a complex facility and incubation center for advanced technology and innovation. The Lab. in the Knowledge capital consists of open experimental laboratories used by industries and universities and the venue functions as a unique intersection where general visitors, industries, universities and creators meet.

Each month during the Ars Electronica Creative Cloud, three days are filled with talks and workshops. On the first day an artist and an Ars Electronica member hold the Cloud Talk. The talks will provide in-depth insight into many interesting topics on the cutting-edge of art, technology and society. Artists fill the second and third day with workshops. Every workshop is based on creative expression, exploration and activity, all shaped by the unique experience and vision of the respective artist. On the second day a member of Ars Electronica will present the latest projects and news, offering the community in Osaka insight into the creative processes in Linz. Through these workshops, the program aims to stimulate social discussion and action for new creativity based in the Knowledge Capital Osaka.


Ars Electronica Creative Cloud 2013

June: Zach Lieberman and Gerfried Stocker, Drawing++ / Creative platform

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July: Sam Auinger and Horst Hörtner, Thinking with your ears / Future of lab

August: Greg Saul and Christoph Kremer, SketchChair / Future of education

October: Ursula Damm and Martin Honzik, Grow your city / Art and Society

November: Michael Doser and Gerfried Stocker, Seeing the invisible / Art and Science

December: Christopher Lindinger and Hideaki Ogawa, Digital Creativity / Art and Innovation

Concept & Curation:

Gerfried Stocker, Emiko Ogawa and Hideaki Ogawa

Project Coordination:

Emiko Ogawa, Johanna Mathauer and Hideaki Ogawa