BioLab 2009

Almost no other area of research has initiated as many discussions as genetic engineering and microbiology. The fact that it is possible to modify people’s DNA or even clone them, turns our view of the world and our moral and ethical concepts upside down.


You can bring along a favorite flower and clone it. Credit: Nicolas Ferrando, Lois Lammerhuber


The BioLab at the Ars Electronica Center provides insight to the inner structure of life, the structure of cells and DNA. At special workshops, “Hands-on” and “Do-It-Yourself” are important factors: cloning plants, looking at cells, analyzing one’s own DNA. The objective is an intensive analysis – not from the distance but based on immediate experience. The BioLab offers the possibility to try out scientific devices and examination methods like in a specialized laboratory, for instance, a scanning electron microscope with a zoom factor of 20.000. Our visitors discover the fascination and beauty of scientific pictures.

Research & Development

Christopher Lindinger, Florian Bauböck, Irene Posch, Carles Gutiérrez Valles