KURUMA-IKU is a blend word that combines Kuruma (Car) with Iku (Nurture). The KURUMA-IKU lab was a research & development initiative that focused on the relationships between people and cars and invited children and creators to join the investigation into sustainable roles for cars in our future society. Cars are used to transport people from one place to another and to build new relationships with citizens. What role will the car play in society in the workshop kits to learn about cars and to creatively reflect on future mobility and city?


Impression of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival at PostCity. Credit: Tom Mesic



Kurumachi was a workshop program to research and create new relationships between children and mobility. By personalizing a car model as oneself or a partner, this workshop stimulated the imagination and the individual, and allowed participants to create the concept of their own original car. The Kurumachi workshop focused on discussing both individual roles of self and forms of society through a combination of design process by digital media and hands-on experience constructing a paper craft.


Impression of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival at PostCity. Credit: Tom Mesic



If you add a steering wheel to something, it will become a car. Steering-san was a workshop program to create story telling by using a daily object around us that resembles a car. Given that the daily goods get freedom to move like a car what kinds of new value of mobility are created?

Steering Jam

Steering Jam was a workshop program to design a personalized interactive steering wheel. The participant customized both, the appearance of the steering interface and the sound of mobility in running, turning and horning. Thus, it allowed participants to design their own mobility experiences. Running with friends will lead to an unexpected jam session. This workshop discussed future mobility and the future city, through the creation of an original mobility interface.

Projektabteilung MIRAI, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION x Future Catalysts
(Hakuhodo x Ars Electronica)

Research & Development:

Hideaki Ogawa, Nicolas Naveau