Memento 2008

Media installation for the ceremony demonstrating opposition to violence and racism to be held in commemoration of the victims of National Socialism on Monday, May 5 in the Austrian Parliament.


The artistic approach was focussing on the misery and pain of the children and adolescents who were exposed to the Nazi regime.


The focal point of this artistic confrontation was the suffering of the young people who faced Nazi terror. Serving as surrogates for the nameless victims are names on the Yad Vashem website’s list of children murdered in Auschwitz—as a visible sign of the individual fates that lay buried behind the statistics. In Ars Electronica’s visualization, the names appeared on a projection surface that, in a dialog with the architecture, assumed the function of a commemorative monument. Through the use of a program developed by media artist Zachary Lieberman, no sooner did the hand-written names take shape than they were deformed and vanished without a trace. Helmut Kritzinger, president of the Bundesrat (Upper House of Parliament) delivered the opening address at this commemoration ceremony on Monday, May 5 at 11 AM in the historic chambers of Parliament.

The entire ceremony has been televised live on ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Company’s channel 2.


Zachary Lieberman

Production Technology:

Rainer Eilmsteiner


Karina Hurnaus