Mindsweeper 1999

A multi-user sound and video game experience – “Capture the Bandwidth!”


Credit: Ars Electronica Futurelab
Credit: Ars Electronica Futurelab


MINDSWEEPER was conceived as a multi-user sound and video game experience. Teams composed of staff members of European media labs in Budapest (C3), Rotterdam (V2) and Linz (AEC) and linked up via broadband network battled to capture a flag representing dominance in virtual video and audio space. Each location sent out a signal mixed by VJs and DJs. As long as the flag was positioned in the neutral zone, the signals blended equally. But as soon as one team captured the flag, its members assumed control of the sound and video performance at all network-linked venues.


The interactive environment is based on the “third person shooter game” UNREAL, which makes group play possible and provides a chat channel for internal communication.

Keyresearcher / Interactive Spaces:

Dietmar Offenhuber


Volker Christian

Senior Executive Developer:

Horst Hörtner

Keyresearcher / Digital Surfaces:

Helmut Höllerl

Keyresearcher / Visualization:

Andreas Jalsovec

2D Graphics:

Stefan Eibelwimmer


Werner Pötzelberger

Sound Design:

Markus Decker

Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments:

Christopher Lindinger