MURATA BOY & GIRL in Linz and Schärding 2009

Murata Boy is a bicycle-riding robot. He was capable of riding his bike along a 2-cm-wide balance beam and could even nimbly negotiate tight S-curves.


Murata Boy and Girl are drawing the attention for their bikeriding-skills.


Murata Girl is a unicycle specialist who’s equally adept riding forward and in reverse. Both use a gyroscope to maintain their balance and ultra-sound sensors to keep their distance from moving objects. A built-in camera is available for orientation purposes, and came in handy during the little daytrips the robots took during their stay at the AEC for educational programs.  The Futurelab’s Research & Innovation Group created the educational and European premium tour design at the Ars Electronica Center.


The Murata Boy Workshop in 2009. Foto: Emiko Ogawa


Research & Development:

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. & Ars