2012 implemented a redundant, open communication principle, in which wireless-enabled computers and mobile devices could directly form a spontaneous network. Text messaging, file sharing and voice calls were possible independent of internet and cellular networks. can spread like a virus, and an Open Source Community can modify it freely. In a time of communication blackouts caused by repressive systems and given the large power outages often caused by natural disasters, has taken on the challenge of critically examining existing communication pathways while simultaneously exploring new horizons.




Industry and network operators often use their positions to create new, locked-down systems – as seen in recent years. The AppStore, for example, has been forcing developers and users of the iPhone, iPod and/or iPad down a path of an Apple-regulated, fee-based distribution system since 2008. The mobile device manufacturers and network operators in particular have worked for a long time to suppress cheaper or competing communications services. is pursuing other approaches and making a provider-independent, self-configuring communication-network available to all applicable devices: Network and operation become one.


A download of the software on wireless-enabled computers, tablets and mobile phones is sufficient in order to participate. The structure of the network and the exchange are managed directly by the tool the software is passed from device to device via a WLAN like a virus. Computers within range can be connected through and thereby make the connection to the mesh network. Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device can expand or consolidate an existing network, or create their own.

The open source project ‘Freifunk’ / ‘Funkfeuer’ and the aid program ‘One Laptop per Child’ use a mesh network. takes these developments further by combining the server and router software with the applications on the devices themselves. Event the access to the network is no longer tied to a central entity, so the network can spread as quickly and easily as a virus.

Artist in Residence:

Mathias Jud, Christoph Wachter