SimLinz 2012

SimLinz is a simulation & visualization tool to explore the City of Linz’s infrastructure. It highlights the services provided by LINZ AG (public utility), GWG (not-for-profit residential real estate developer & manager) and the Magistrat (municipal agencies). This is a spinoff of the Ars Electronica Center’s GeoPulse installation that was recently upgraded and enhanced to provide even more profound insights into the complex and multifaceted nature of life in a major metropolitan area.


Credit: Martin Hieslmair
Visitors of the Ars Electronica Center exploring Linz in a unique way. Foto: Martin Hieslmair


This is a very user-friendly way to obtain authoritative information about the nuts & bolts of life in Linz: population distribution, day-care centers, nursery schools and kindergartens, athletic facilities, the electricity grid and district heating network, public transit, garbage collection & recycling, electric vehicle charging stations, the drinking water & sewage pipelines, jogging paths, and photovoltaic locations. There’s also detailed information about the GWG’s past, present and future construction projects.


Foto: rubra
Credit: rubra


There are two ways for users to peruse the data: at a large table or by browsing through one of three books by means of a special digital pen that lets you zoom in and out and move backward and forward in time. One thing lots of locals really get a kick out of is checking out the precise location of their dwelling and the routes of their daily comings and goings. And data provided by LINZ AG lets you track your drinking water’s journey before it flows out of your tap.

Exhibition tent LINZ CHANGES

Reasearch & Development

Horst Hörtner, Christopher Lindinger, Gerfried Stocker

Project Management

Michael Badics, Maria Eschlböck, Barbara Hinterleitner, Harald Moser, Andreas Pramböck


Cécile Bucher, Chris Bruckmayr, Thomas Diesenreiter, My-Trinh Gardiner, Imanol Gomez, Horst Hörtner, Stefan Hehr, Andreas Jalsovec, Martina Karrer,  Benjamin Mayr, Michael Mayr, Nicolas Naveau, Andreas Pramböck, Gabriele Purdue, Markus Wipplinger