Spaxels / Light Painting 2013

In December 2013 the next stage of development of the Spaxels has been tested. Since then it is not only possible for the Spaxels to paint logos and shapes into the sky, but also to do Light Painting with them.


The extension of a camera’s exposure time yields 3-D objects as light paintings .


The idea is both simple and powerful: In order to create more complex 3d-forms than you usually could with the limited amount of Spaxels, you use a so-called Real Time Light Painting Video System. The human eye can only perceive light sources, but cannot really track their light-trail, something that cameras can do. They are set up for long-exposure-shots and through this, you can create complex 3d-models out of nowhere, using the Spaxels, cameras and screens.


Spaxels paint a wheel in the sky. Foto: Gregor Hartl Fotografie
Spaxels paint a wheel in the sky. Foto: Gregor Hartl Fotografie


This is a great way to open up the canvas and unlock the creative potential of this technology, since the complexity of an animation or model is not depending on the amount of Spaxels anymore.

Research & Development:

Daniel Aigenbauer, Florian Berger, Chris Bruckmayr, Peter Holzkorn, Horst Hörtner, Andreas Jalsovec
Michael Mayr, Kristefan Minski, Martin Mörth, Patrick Müller, Benjamin Olsen, Michael Platz