SUN_D 2007

SUN_D depicts information via sunlight and extant natural light sources. To counteract the general sensory overload due to digital media that frequently put a real strain on users, we intentionally work with a way of depicting graphics whose naturally engendered glow is quite pleasant for the human eye to behold.


The SUN_D Project promotional reel.


SUN_D takes a radical new approach—one that doesn’t regard daylight as a problem, but instead sees its tremendous potential for information design, and reveals possibilities that have been totally neglected up to now. SUN_D considers sunlight and ambient light as a resource that’s natural, free and abundantly available, and builds sun monitors that adapt to natural lighting conditions. The upshot is the emergence of a revolutionary new aesthetic in information dissemination. This aesthetic is most notably characterized by the effect of natural forces on the on-screen composition and appearance of the image. A sun-display isn’t just a screen that lets users see an image; it’s a symbiosis of nature, design and information.


Sonnenuntergang. Foto: Jonas Burki
Sonnenuntergang. Foto: Jonas Burki


This project by Jonas Burki received the [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant in 2007. During a three months residency at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz, Jonas produced a first protoype of SUN_D and as a result he has developed a completely new approach to surface and light design . Back home he founded a start up company with the aim to sell his product on the market and is now owner of a successful company named after his first prototype: SUN_D.


Artist in Residence

Jonas Burki