Telesymphony 2001

Golan Levin, a participant in the Artist-in-Residence Program, delivered a concert performance played out exclusively via the ringing of the audience’s cell phones.


Foto: Golan Levi
Credit: Golan Levi


Dialtones present a diverse range of unprecedented sonic phenomena and musically interesting structures and invert our understanding of private sound, public space and electromagnetic etiquette. The performers created spatially-distributed melodies and chords, as well as novel textural phenomena like waves of polyphony which cascaded across the crowd; these musical structures were visualized by a large projection system connected to the performers’ interfaces. Towards the end of its half-hour composition, the Telesymphony built to a stunning crescendo in which as many as two hundred mobile phones pealed simultaneously.



Commissioned by Ars Electronica, realized within the Ars Electronica Research and Residency Program by Golan Levin

Thanks to: The Greenwall Foundation, The Daniel Langlois Foundation,, Design Machine NYC, jet2web Telekom Austria, jet2web Mobilkom, Aculab, Nokia, Siemens, Hartlauer

Collaborating artists: Scott Gibbons, Greg Shakar, Yasmin Sohrawardy
Collaborating engineers: Joris Gruber, Jörg Lehner, Gunther Schmidl, Erich Semlak

Artist in Residence:

Golan Levin


Scott Gibbons, Gregory Shakar


Joris Gruber, Gunther Schmidl, Yasmin Sohrawardy

Database Development

Erich Semlak